Hellenic Center for Marine Research - Institute of Inland Waters

PreWec Marie Curie Excellence Research Team







  • Mr. E. Serpetzoglou won the 2007 AGU best paper award from work he conducted as Marie Curie Fellow
  • Dr. M. Tzortziou has won the 2009 and 2010 ASLO Young Scientist Travel Awards to present her work on water quality that she conducted as Marie Curie Fellow
  • Dr. M. Zampieri won a 2011 EGU Young Scientist Travel Award to present his work on groundwater-river interactions that he conducted as Marie Curie Fellow
  • Dr. Anagnostou was inducted in the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering
  • Dr. Anagnostou was offered the prestigious Endowed Chair Position in Environmental Engineering at the University of Connecticut


























Predicting Floods With Distributed Hydrological Models


Using Satellite Data to Study Water Cycle Parameters


Measuring Rainfall Using Mobile Weather Radar


Measuring Rainfall over the Oceans Using Underwater Sound Data


Numerical Weather Prediction Air- Sea interactions


Coastal Ecosystem and Water Quality

Climate Research


Soil Water - Climate interactions