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Hellenic Center for Marine Research - Institute of Inland Waters

PreWec Marie Curie Excellence Research Team






PreWec Project is a Marie Curie Excellence Grant funded under the EU Sixth Framework Programme. The research team of PreWEC is currently focusing on three major areas in their pursuit of enhancing water cycle predictability. These are:

  • Hydro-meteorology of storms - where the team is seeking to address deficiencies in predictability by building an integrative data modelling system for the simulation of hydrologic quantities and characterising their uncertainty

  • Coastal ecosystem & water pollution - where the team is researching innovative approaches connecting water cycle predictions with soil erosion, wetland discharges, terrestrial inputs of inorganic/organic matter in coastal areas, water pollution and the effects on coastal ecosystem structure and dynamics

  • Climate change in general - where the team is seeking to enhance the ability of Global Climate Models (GCM) to simulate vegetation-atmosphere water flux exchanges









Predicting Floods With Distributed Hydrological Models


Using Satellite Data to Study Water Cycle Parameters


Measuring Rainfall Using Mobile Weather Radar


Measuring Rainfall over the Oceans Using Underwater Sound Data


Numerical Weather Prediction Air- Sea interactions


Coastal Ecosystem and Water Quality

Climate Research


Soil Water - Climate interactions



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