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Summary of training activities

Several teaching and training activities were undertaken by the Team Leader and senior team members of PreWEC. Those activities are listed below:

Team Leader Anagnostou has delivered lectures at graduate courses in Hydrometeorology, Quantitative Methods and Environmental Modeling at the University of Connecticut and Harokopio University of Athens. He has delivered graduate seminars at different Universities in the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Cyprus and Italy) and outside Europe (e.g., University of Sao Paolo in Brazil, Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia) as well as keynote and invited presentations at international conferences (Australia, Japan, USA and Europe). He has also organized and chaired several sessions related to PreWEC research at International Conferences. Last summer he organized a summer school at HCMR where lectures on the various topics of PreWEC were delivered by PreWEC team and HCMR researchers to graduate students from different universities in Greece. Finally, Team Leader Anagnostou has been advisor and co-advisor on several PhD (A. Tadese, S. Alamgir, V. Magioni, H. Seyyeti, D. Stampoulis) and MS (M. Dis, X. Zhang) students including the four ESRs of PreWEC (E. Nikolopoulos, E. Serpetzoglou, M. Anagnostou and M. Frediani). Two of the ESRs have completed their PhD within the timeframe of PreWEC, while M. Frediani and E. Serpetzoglou are expected to complete their PhD within 2011-12 timeframe. Finally, a point to note is that Team Leader Anagnostou has offered extensive training to a large number of Ethiopian students from Addis Ababa University where he is currently leading the establishment of a graduate research program in Water Resources.

Senior team member Tzortziou has co-taught undergraduate courses in Remote Sensing of Ocean Color and Optical Properties of Coastal Waters at the University of Maryland. She also provided training to her HCMR collaborators and students on the specialized analytical tools, modelling approaches, and laboratory measurements techniques and methodologies needed for successful implementation of the project’s research objectives under Task 2. She has supervised research conducted by two graduate students at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Athens: i) Mr Dimitris Tsoliakos, pursuing doctoral studies on the topic of “Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter in Eastern Mediterranean marine waters”, and ii) Mrs Elli Pitta, who successfully completed her MSc Thesis research on “Chemical characterization of dissolved organic matter in rivers, wetlands and coastal waters of the Eastern Mediterranean”, in November 2010. In addition, five undergraduate interns (four of them female) received training and performed research under Dr Tzortziou’s supervision during 2007-2010. All students participated in field campaigns for the collection and analysis of field measurements. Dr. Tzortziou is a member of the EC-funded European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS), and the US-funded Earth Science Women Network (ESWN), actively involved in promoting gender equality and participation of women in applied and fundamental scientific research. Dr. Tzortziou delivered graduate seminars at different Universities in Europe and the US, as well as Invited Presentations at international conferences (EGU, ASLO, TOS). She organized and chaired four sessions related to PreWEC research at International Conferences (International Symposium on Wetland Biogeochemistry, 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting, and 2011 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting).

Senior team member Tarolli provided training to one of the ESR team members (E. Nikolopoulos) on channel network extraction using high resolution topography and organized a Summer School in Northeast Italy during summer 2010 for graduate and undergraduate students from different Universities. The summer school covered lectures and field surveys related to earth surface processes (hydrological, geological and geo-morphological) in high altitude complex terrain regions. In addition, Dr. Tarolli delivered lectures to Polytechnic University of Marche (on forest management) and the University of Padova (on remote sensing, GIS and watershed management).

Senior team member Zampieri provided training to one of the ESR team members (E. Serpetzoglou) on regional land surface modeling and co-advised a PhD student at KAUST university on regional atmospheric modeling.





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